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Cyclades Islands - Museums in Cyclades Islands, Greek Islands

Information About the Cyclades Islands Museums

Cyclades Islands - Archeological Museum (Kimolos Island)

Cyclades Islands Museums - Archeological Museum
(Kimolos Island)

The Archeological Museum of Kimolos is small but with very interesting archeological findings from excavations in the area of Ellinika, where the ancient city of Kimolos used to be located. More specifically, there are figurines, whole vessels and vessel fragments of the geometric and archaic years, oblations from tombs and a sepulchral stele of the 7th century.

Cyclades Islands - Mykonos Archaeological Museum

Cyclades Islands Museums - Mykonos Archaeological Museum

The building of the Mykonos Archaeological Museum was built in 1900-2 in Kamnaki in a dominating position above the harbour initially to house the rich discoveries of the Cesspool of Purgation of the 5th BC that were discovered in Rinia in 1898 and other burials grounds on the island. The rich collection of its vessels is particularly representative of the Cycladic ceramics from the geometric period until 6th BC.

Exhibits of marvellous ceramics and other discoveries, tomb objects of Hellenic bas-reliefs, sculptures etc. Among the discoveries on Mykonos are the large Pithos of Mykonos, a pithamphoreas from a Tinos workshop of 7th BC with its richly embossed representations of the Trojan War, its central composition depicts the Ahaioi warriors with the Doureio Horse. Open daily from 08:30 to 15:00. except Monday and official holidays.

Cyclades Islands - Minning Museum (Milos Island)

Cyclades Islands Museums - Minning Museum
(Milos Island)

In the entrance hall there is an impressive design showing how a volcano erupts and a large geological map of the island. There are illuminated panels showing mining today as well as tools and equipment from the mines and laboratories of the past.

On the first floor there are display cabinets with rocks and minerals from other parts of Greece and with the most industrially significant minerals of Milos today. The trunk of a large tree is on display which was found in a bentonite quarry at Aggeria 28 metres below the surface and the age of which is estimated at more than 2,000 years.

Cyclades Islands - Thira Prehistoric Museum (Santorini Island)

Cyclades Islands Museums - Thira Prehistoric Museum
(Santorini Island)

The Thira Prehistoric Museum is unique in this type of regional museum and exhibits finds from excavations on the island. The exhibits display the historical course of one of the most important centres of the southern Cyclades in the Aegean during the 17th - 18th centuries BC.

The museum can be considered as an extension of the archaeological site of Akrotiri as it accommodates the murals and various items removed from the site. Other exhibits are from the 5th millennium BC, the late Neolithic period and show the passage of various cultures in the Aegean. The second floor accommodates the permanent exhibits, whilst the first floor is periodically changed to display the plethora of items held in storage.

Cyclades Islands - Folklore Museum (Paros Island)

Cyclades Islands Museums - Folklore Museum
(Paros Island)

It is a small, but very interesting museum that is located in Naoussa exhibiting the most beautiful aspects of the Greek, but also Paros culture and traditional costumes. The museum exhibits male and female costumes from various regions of Hellenism and from Paros, objects of daily use and old photographs. The Folklore Collection is open from May to September.


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