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Travel Information
Fokida in Central Greece
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Fokida - Archaeological Sites of Fokida, Central Greece

Information About Fokida Archaeological Sites

Fokida Archaeological Sites - Fortifications West Lokrida

Fokida Archaeological Sites - Fortifications West Lokrida

West Lokrida, land of the Ozoleans, stretched oute from the coast of the Corinthian Gulf to the Gulf of Kirra in the east until cape Antirion in the west. The first settlers arrived here in the early Helladic Period and prospered in the Classic Period only to decline later on in the Roman Period.

Fokida Archaeological Sites - Archaeological Site of Amfissa

Fokida Archaeological Sites - Archaeological Site of Amfissa

According to the findings, the area was inhabited as early as the Geometrig Period. The fortifications and walls –defense mechanisms of the ancients town- signify it turbulent past of Amfissa. In antiquity the town was known for its conflict with Delphi regarding the cultivation of the Kirra valley.

Fokida Archaeological Sites - Lilea – Polydroso

Fokida Archaeological Sites - Lilea – Polydroso

The earliest traces of habitation in the area date to the Early Helladic period. After the Phocean cities were destroyed by Philip II of Macedon in 346 BC, the city of Lilaia was joined to the neighbouring city of Erochos, which occupied the Agios Vasilios hill and the area of the cemetery of modern Polydroso. Lilaia's fortifications probably date to the period of reconstruction of the Phocean citadels, in the years following Philip II's reign. Traces of early fortification walls, which may pre-date the city's destruction by Philip II, survive at the top of the acropolis.

Fokida Archaeological Sites - Delphi

Fokida Archaeological Sites - Delphi

On the foothills of Parnassus an impressive landscape forms between the 2 giant rocks known as the Fedriades. This is when the sacred temple of Delphi with the world renown Oracle lies. According to the ancient myth, Zeus sent two eagles to find the centre of the universe and the two magnificent birds met in Delphi. Since the this geographical position has been linked to the navel of the earth. The oldest findings in the area date back to the Neolithic period (approx 4000BC) and were found in the Korykio Andro, the Parnassus Cave, where the first rituals were held.

In the area where Apollo’s temple was erected there used to be a settlement and a Mycenaean cemetery. The few sporadic traces of the settlement date back to the 8th century BC when the worship of god Apollo began and the temple and oracle was built.


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