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Attica in Central Greece
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Attica - Archaeological Sites of Attica, Central Greece

Information About Attica Archaeological Sites

Attica Archaeological Sites - Acropolis

Attica Archaeological Sites - Acropolis

One of the most glorious buildings of ancient times. The sacred rock was first inhabited during the Stone Ages by the Pelasgians, then during the Mycenaean times it became a small town-state protected on the perimeter by a thickset wall. The most sacred buildings were built at the top beginning construction in 1200 BC. The first propylaeas were made during the time of Pisistrate but were destroyed during the Persian invasion as the rest of the sanctums in 480 BC. Under the supervision of Pheidias, during the time of Pericles, the well-known structures are re-built using admirable architecture.

The Parthenon one of the greatest buildings of the Acropolis was designed and executed by Iktinos and Kallikrates (probably using designs of Pheidias). The Propulaea and the Erechtheion with the Caryatids were designed and built by Mnesicles. The Apteros Nike temple that was built by Kallikrates. At the same time the theater of Dionysus, Pericles Odeon and the temple of Asklepios are built. At a later time the theater of Herodes Atticus is also built.

Attica Archaeological Sites - The Temple of Olympian Zeus

Attica Archaeological Sites - The Temple of Olympian Zeus

Pentelic marble was used for the construction of the temple which had 104 columns of Corinthian mode. Only 15 of the original columns of the temple are preserved to this day.

Hadrian dedicated the temple to Zeus. He also erected an enormous statue of Zeus made of gold and ivory. The pediments were decorated with many statues as did the entire temple. Unfortunately non of these sculptures have been preserved.

Attica Archaeological Sites - Ancient Market

Attica Archaeological Sites - Ancient Market

The market was the soul of ancient Athens, the center of political, trading, administrative and social activities, the religious and cultural center and house of the courts. The location was part of Athens throughout history. It was used for residence and burial site since the Neolithic era (3000 BC). At the beginning of the 6th century BC, the time of Solomon, the market became a public area.

Attica Archaeological Sites - Roman Market

Attica Archaeological Sites - Roman Market

The Roman Market is located at the center of todays Plaka, next to the Tower of Winds. It was an open air space of 110x98 meters, configured as a big courtyard with internal peristyle, the trading center was moved here, during the time of Augustus, from the Ancient Market, which is located further west. It is thought that the contraction was copleted approximately in 10 AC.

At this time only half of the south part is excavated and open to visitors. It was accessible through 2 monumental gateways, on the east and west, of which the western is very well preserved and is known as the "Gate of Athena Archegetis" . It has the form of a propyl with 4 Doric columns 8m. high and an epistyle, built by donations of Julius Caesar and dedicated by the people of Athens to the goddess Athena.


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