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Travel Information
Macedonia in North Greece
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Macedonia - History of Macedonia, North Greece

Information About Macedonia History

macedonia hotels and apartments north greece

Macedonia entered Greek history with Amynta’s son, Alexander I (498-454BC). During the Median wars he sided with the Athenians which, in return, titled him a philhellene and raised a gold statue in his honor at Delphi. The latter Kings of Macedonia brought progress and prosperity to Macedonia which reached its prime with Alexander the Great.

The one who organized Macedonia as a contemporary, for its time, state and planted the roots for the greater state of Greece was his father King Philip II (357-336BC). Philip II united all the Greeks and the Macedonians and created a powerful base for his son Alexander who took over a large part of the known territories making Macedonia the heart and soul of the Hellenistic Era. The Roman Empire signified the downfall of Macedonia whose fate is from then on connected to the Byzantine Empire.

During this period Macedonia undergoes many attacks and invasions from its neighbors the Barbarians, Huns and Slavs followed by the Franks in the 13th century.

After a short occupation by the Serbs Macedonia is taken over in the 14th century by the Turks and this hard occupation lasted until the 1821 Revolution in which the Macedonians proved their military skills once again. Unfortunately the creation of the Greek state in 1826 did not include Macedonia. They continued their struggle against the Turkish occupation until the Balkan Wars and finally became part of Greece in 1913.


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