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Travel Information
Thessalia in North Greece
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Thessalia - Archaeological Sites of Thessalia, North Greece

Information About Thessalia Archaeological Sites

Thessalia Archaeological Sites - Sesklo

Thessalia Archaeological Sites - Sesklo

Near Sesklo we find a settlement of Neolithic age. It was there that the first known Neolithic culture developed and is known as "culture of Sesklou". It is dated around 5000-4000 B.C. The settlement shows signs of substandard design. The houses are relatively solid, their foundation is out of stone, the walls out of brick and the roofs from branches and clay. At the center of the settlement a mansion was revealed.

Thessalia Archaeological Sites - Fthiotides Thebes (New Anchialos)

Thessalia Archaeological Sites - Fthiotides Thebes
(New Anchialos)

Two ancient cities of Magnesia are known with this name: one is located near the village Mikrothives, approximately 4 klm. from the town of Nea Anchialo, the other is located in Nea Anchialo. The position was confirmed during the excavations in 1907. The wall, strong and well-built, was brought to light in 1972 and is dated around the 4th century B.C. Findins from the Acropolis of Purassou belong to the Classic, Geometric, Bronze and Neolithic Era.

Thessalia Archaeological Sites - Iolkos (Pagasitikos Gulf)

Thessalia Archaeological Sites - Iolkos
(Pagasitikos Gulf)

Ancient city of Thessaly at the backdrop of the Pagasitikou Gulf. The area was inhabited since the Bronze era and was later inhabited by the Ionians.

Excavations brought to light the ruins of an Mycenaean palace from 1600 B.C. which was destroyed in 1200 B.C. by fire.

Iolkos lost its significance throughout the years as the new port of Pagasson developed. In Iolkos the Artemis was worshiped.


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