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Argosaronic Islands in Greek Islands Greece
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Argosaronic Islands - History of Argosaronic Islands, Greek Islands

Information About Argosaronic Islands History

argosaronic islands greek islands hotels and apartments greece

History in this area is closely connected to the sea. The place names are part of mythological history but the names of the inhabitants have been lost in time. Salamina, at the entrance of the Gulf of Elefsina, was closely linked with its neighbour, Aegina, until it was annexed by Solon and the state of Athens.

In 480 BC, the island gave its name to one of the greatest sea battles in world history between the Greek and Persian fleets. The triangular shape of the Aegean, almost in the centre of the Saronic Gulf, was a crossroads of cultures and conflicting factions for thousands of years. From ancient times, the powerful naval forces were at loggerheads with Athens and, as Aristotle put it, were a permanent headache.

Traces of all periods can be found such as the walls and foundations of the Bronze Age, Mycynean relics, classical pre-Byzantine churches and medieval city ruins and monuments of early Greek history .

Poros, opposite the north coast of the peninsula, Ermionidas, has forever been considered the island of Poseidon where he was held in great reverence.
The last in the series of the Argosaronic islands, Hydra and Spetses, are better known for their modern maritime tradition , wealth and prosperity at the end of the 18Th Century and beginning of the 19th. During this time they monopolized sea trade and with the profits they built forts and mansions. They took an active part in the maritime struggle during the 1821 Revolution for independence.


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