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Travel Information
Evritania in Central Greece
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Evritania - History of Evritania, Central Greece

Information About Evritania History

Evritania hotels and apartments Central Greece

The area of Evritania according to the rare pre-historic findings is assumed to have been inhabited approximately in 2000-1600 BC by Minyans, a greek pre-historic race that inhabited mainly in Orchomenos of Viotia. Ancient Evritanians were situated in the rough mountainous area of northern Aetolia and were considered the most powerful and brutal folk of Aetolia.

Evritanians were part of the expedition against Troy, some under the command of Gounea, king of Kyfou, some under Phoenix, fighting alongside Achilles and others under Thoanta, Podaleirius and Machaona. In 429 the Athenian general, Demosthenus attacked Lokris and Evritania but did not succeed against the Evritanians and the Aetolians. The Evritanians along with the Thespians and Ofionians where powerful elements of the Aetolian Union, which was the last to surrender to the Romans.

The Byzantine era did not have much influence in Evritania as the resources of the empire were located elsewhere. However the period of Iconoclasm also took effect in the mountain tops of Agrafiotis. During that period, the locals refused to follow the instructions of the iconoclast emperors and kept the icons hanging in their temples. Proof of the security that the locals provided to the icons is the transfer of the Virgin Mary of Prousa, from Prousa to Asia Minor where it is kept to this day.

During the Turkish domination, Evritania belonged to the administrative region of Trikala, and had Christian population of approximately 40 thousand inhabitants. The Turks granted the people of Evritania privileges of autonomy and self-administration, they allowed and acknowledged groups of men-at-arms (armatolon). The Revolution of 1821 was declared in Kerasovo on May 10th and the contribution of the Evritanians during the struggle was massive and enthusiastic. Tough and decisive battles took place in Evritania by Karaiskaki, Markos Botsaris etc.


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